Amazon Air affiliate accused of deportation 'torture flights'

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CVG-based company accused of conducting 'torture flights'

"Omni Air (partially owned by Amazon) calls these operations "ICE air," and what is "alleged to happen on these unregulated flights chartered by federal officials is truly appalling," says an investigation.

The notion that these deportees in some way pose a grave danger has created a pretext, agency critics allege, to beat, demean, and terrify them in the name of homeland security.


HISTORY: Shortway Bridge charged a user-fee (toll) to cross it
This bridge, which connected 11th Street in Newport with 12th Street in Covington, opened in 1914 and was a toll road. The state purchased the bridge in 1986. It was closed since 2001 when it was replaced by the Licking River Girl Scout Bridge. The Shortway was imploded August 23, 2003.

FDA finds Family Dollar warehouse filled with 1000+ rats
Several products sold at Family Dollar stores in six states (but not here in the Tri-State) are being voluntarily recalled, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday. The recall was issued after the administration said it found more than 1,000 dead rodents after a fumigation at a distribution facility in Arkansas.

Kentucky health care workers consider leaving their jobs amid burnout
"Whenever I am at home, I try not to talk about what was going on. At any moment, if I start thinking about it, I cry. Um, thirty-five individuals in both counties here are no longer here," he said. Banks has lost friends and family members to COVID—something he keeps in the back of his mind.

Sarah Jessica Parker recalls growing up in Cincinnati
She has said that even while her family lived in Cincinnati, her mother emulated a New York lifestyle.

Parker's parents struggled to support their large family, often times the electricity could be shut off, or the family would have to forgo Christmases and birthdays for lack of money.

Nonetheless, she has stated: "I wouldn't change any of it, for anything ... for the most part, we had everything we needed. Not always, but for the most part."

Parker's mother immersed her children in culture and extracurricular activities; she often took them to free public institutions like the ballet and the theater in Cincinnati, so that they lived "full, rich lives".

This tiny home for rent is suspended on a cliff over Kentucky's Red River Gorge
Located in Kentucky's Red River Gorge, the Airbnb is known as "Cliff Dweller," which is an apt name, seeing as the tiny home really is bolted directly into a cliff.

With all the fast-food restaurants, Burger King is feeling ignored
Mission critical for jump-starting Burger King's sales in 2022 will be executing on a new plan internally known as "reclaiming the flame" — or bringing back the Whopper brand to its former glory days.

Newport filed complaint a month ago after residents upset with metal recycling site
Those explosions, or combustion events, can occur when an item being shredded, like a car, contains gasoline or other combustible materials.
Neighbors have told WCPO that the explosions shake their homes, rattle windows and startle them morning, afternoon and night.

FD: Massive fire breaks out at iconic roller rink in Northern Kentucky
That's the headline from WLWT. We don't think Maysville is considered the NKY region. But still.

A massive fire broke out Friday at a historic roller rink in Northern Kentucky. The Maysville Fire Department said crews responded to the iconic Maysville Roller Rink on Lexington Street just before midnight.

Newport filed complaint a month ago after residents upset with metal recycling site
Those explosions, or combustion events, can occur when an item being shredded, like a car, contains gasoline or other combustible materials.
Neighbors have told WCPO that the explosions shake their homes, rattle windows and startle them morning, afternoon and night.

Buying groceries In NKY? Cincinnati side cheaper
The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness found that Kenton County had the highest overall consumer prices in the Tri-state, nearly 8% higher than Butler County, which had the lowest.

Walmart sold a dozen Grade A eggs for $.95 per dozen at the Westwood store. The lowest-priced eggs at the Walmart store in Florence cost $1.76 per dozen.

Old Photo of the Day:
Covington Landing

For a while, Covington Landing on the riverfront was a hustling, bustling place to be but slowly faded as time went by for a variety of reasons.

This Kentucky Post photo was taken in 1991.

Ponds at local park fully-stocked with trout
The ponds at Middleton-Mills were stocked this month with trout.

Be sure to have a valid Kentucky Fishing License in possession to fish in any of Kentucky's public waters. You must have a Trout Stamp if you are keeping Trout. You can purchase your fishing license and Trout Stamp at a number of Northern Kentucky retailers. You can also purchase your license and Trout Stamp online.

Yet again, Pioneer Park closed due to flooding
Pioneer Park is currently experiencing flooding and is closed until the water recedes and crews are able to safely clean the park. The park is located off 3L Highway, south of Latonia.

Here's what happened when Tom Cruise (not his real name) lived in Cincinnati
Before he got into showbiz and Scientology, Tom Cruise attended a Roman Catholic seminary in Cincinnati, and was asked to leave for stealing booze, according to the Daily News.

Cruise, then known as Tommy Mapother, attended St. Francis Seminary for two years in the early 1980s. The future actor was sincere about becoming a priest, according to Shane Dempler, a close seminary pal.

NKY woman charged after false sexual assault report
A woman, who in January made a report to the Boone County Sheriff's Office that she was sexually assaulted, has been charged with falsely reporting an incident after later confessing to the deputies that her report was false.

Kimberly Dragoo, 25, stated she was physically and sexually assaulted by an unknown male as she was walking in her neighborhood.

Multiple weather impacts expected today across East
A powerful storm will sweep through the Eastern half of the U.S. through the end of this week with multiple hazards. A narrow zone of heavy snow and a wintry mix is expected from the south-central Plains to the Great Lakes.

Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and a few strong tornadoes from the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Southeast, especially in the Tennessee Valley and Mid South today

Man dies after being trapped under trailer at NKY trucking company
One person is dead after being trapped under a trailer Wednesday night. Dispatchers said a man died at Southeastern Freight Lines in Independence after he was trapped under a trailer.

The man's name has not been released and officials are investigating the situation.

Massive recall of Skyline cans after another product poured in cans
It happened to multiple Cincinnati Reddit users, who took to the platform to ask what the heck was inside their can of Skyline instead of Skyline. The answer: cream of chicken condensed soup.

Oops! Police followed the wrong vehicle as it travelled on I-75 in Covington
From the scanner: Covington Police Department was notified yesterday about a kidnapping suspect entering Covington from Ohio on 1-75. A plane was supposedly following and a pickup matching the description was pulled over and surrounded by police. Wrong person. Plane was following the wrong vehicle.

All the information we have at this time.

1 hospitalized in Newport fire
Newport firefighters responded to the blaze on Ann Street near W. 11th Street just before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky to unveil new 'state-of-the-art' facility
The 10,000-square-foot, "state-of-the-art" facility at 436 W. 13th St. in Covington, will be officially unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday morning, according to a news release.

Officials said the new facility has 68 beds, double the capacity of the previous facility, and also offers an on-site medical clinic, community partner meeting rooms, guest mail services, self-service laundry, showers, phone charging stations, internet and computer access.

Feds may suspend federal gasoline tax to reduce price
President Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers are weighing a federal gas tax holiday as prices reach record levels and the party faces an uphill battle in November's midterm election.

The federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon for standard gasoline and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel fuel.

Larry Flynt's brother who lives in Florence wants some money
Larry Flynt's brother Jimmy is taking the late publisher's widow Liz to court claiming he was wrongfully cut of his will.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Jimmy filed a federal lawsuit against Liz this week in California court. Larry, who co-founded Hustler with his brother, died on February 10, 2021.

The suit explains Larry had been married to Liz since 1998. She was his 5th wife and they met when she worked as his private nurse several years before the marriage.

US Weather Service predicts flooding this spring
As we head into Spring 2022 with well saturated grounds, streamflows running near or above normal and snowmelt occuring in the Ohio River Basin, chances for minor flooding are above normal.

Some instances of moderate flooding are possible. This winter (Dec-Jan-Feb) has been wetter and warmer than normal across the Ohio Valley.

For just one day, police will enforce speeding on I-75
TSix law enforcement agencies in Northern Kentucky are holding a 12-hour traffic enforcement blitz on Interstate 71/75 Wednesday to try to reduce crashes, deaths and aggressive driving.

Extra police presence will be visible between the Donaldson Highway and Ohio River starting at 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., according to the Erlanger Police Department.

You'll be shocked to discover Joe Burrow's Bengals contract in dollars
The quarterback's starting contract with the Bengals is worth $36,190,137 overall and is fully guaranteed.

Brent Spence Bridge notation probably has people cursing
It's Number Two in the nation.

Tri-State arrested for allegedly leaving kids behind after police chase and crash
Michels hit a parked vehicle and crashed his SUV. Police say he then ran away, leaving his injured children behind. There's no word on their conditions.

Ancient Suspension Bridge has been closed for a year
Tuesday marks one year since cars have traveled across the the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, linking Downtown Cincinnati and Covington. The bridge closed to vehicular traffic February 15, 2021 for extensive maintenance.

Where is Serenity? National organization joining search for Kentucky girl last seen in 2020
Serenity McKinney, of Shelby County, was last seen around Christmas-time in 2020. Relatives said they haven't talked to the girl in over a year.

"We last saw her Christmas of 2020 at the family Christmas. We spoke to her on the phone Father's Day week in June of 2021, but that was the last contact," said Aundria Wainscott, the stepmother of Catherine. "We want to know that she's safe, yes, that's our main priority at this point."

Police release name of 19 year old shot and killed in Covington
Officers say they responded to the 2600 block of Benton Road in the City Heights apartment complex just after 3 p.m. for a person shot and was being transported in a personal vehicle.

Investigators are currently trying to identify people on surveillance video at the apartment complex, according to Kenton County Prosecutor Rob Sanders.

"It would make the job of the Covington Police Department a lot easier if those people would come forward and identify themselves for the police and tell the police what they saw, what they remembered and why things happened the way they did," he said.

New allegations made against NKY woman convicted of faking cancer and accepting donations
Hobbs thought this chapter was behind her until she recently received a Facebook message from someone in Georgia who worked with Krecskay, saying she might running the same scam.

"Just to hear the disgusting levels she went to about her son takes me back," Hobbs said. "I can't believe she did this to more people."

Local 12 reached out to Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders, who prosecuted Krecskay's case, and he says the allegations of new criminal activity are under investigation in Georgia.

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