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Kentucky's risky million-dollar bet to fight the opioid crisis with psychedelics

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Kentucky commission announced it was going to explore allocating tens of millions of dollars toward studying and promoting the use of the controversial, plant-based hallucinogen ibogaine.

A psychedelic-assisted therapy to combat the opioid crisis, as well as treat a host of other mental health issues.

Police: Man threatened to kill Kentucky officers, blow up courthouse

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A North Carolina man is facing several charges after he allegedly threatened to kill a police officer, a Kentucky judge, and U.S. Marshals inside a courthouse he allegedly planned to blow up.

Here's the link to the latest convictions and arrests in Kenton County:

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Amazon Corporate pushes back against claim of bed bugs at CVG air hub

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You may be getting a little extra in your Amazon delivery?

Cincy Police release photo of car used in shooting of 4, including children

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Cincinnati police have released new pictures of the car they believe is involved in a drive-by shooting that left four people, including two teens and a 10 year old, hurt in Over The Rhine.

Kentucky deemed the 4th laziest state; Ohio gets the 10th spot

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Research has revealed the laziest states in the US, with Alabama coming out on top.

Northern Kentucky woman killed in rollover crash, passenger critically injured

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The Union County, Ohio, Sheriff's Office determined that Diana Corona lost control of her car, drove off the left side of the road, struck a tree, overturned, rolled across the right side of the road and came to a rest in a farm field.

The 27 year old from Burlington was killed.

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Covington man dubbed 'green horn hoodlum' gets 3 years in prison for role in insurrection

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A Northern Kentucky man, known on Twitter as the "green horn hoodlum," has been sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, court records show.

Judge enters not guilty plea for man charged with murder of Scott Co. deputy

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The man accused of shooting and killing Scott County Sheriff's Deputy Caleb Conley appeared in court on Tuesday morning to begin answering to that murder charge.

Despite the controversy, drag show for youth at NKY Pride Center

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The normally fun and boisterous events at the NKY Pride Center had a sense of nerve injected into it Tuesday in the wake of lawmakers in Frankfort passing laws targeting LGBTQ+ rights and kids.

Drag performer P.H.Dee performed at Tuesday's Pride Youth Party, and she said she's recognized that conversations surrounding trans people, particularly trans youth, have been elevated.

Kroger Fulfillment Network to invest over $550,000 for new distribution center in Boone County

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Kroger Fulfillment Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kroger Co., announced it would locate a new distribution center, also known as a spoke or cross-docking facility, in Boone County.

Investing over $550,000 and creating 98 full-time, Kentucky jobs.

Teen dies after car drives into water at Lake Cumberland

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A Kentucky teenager is dead after drowning at Lake Cumberland.

Some friends were going to a get-together, but when they left, they got disoriented and went the wrong way down Clifty Creek Road, which ends in the water.

New memorial honors victims of Beverly Hills Supper Club fire

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It has been 46 years since 165 people died in a fire at Southgate's Beverly Hills Supper Club.

Now, survivors and families have a new memorial to pay respects.

WXIX was meant to be a TV station for Northern Kentucky

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Other than being licensed in Newport, WXIX has no connection to Northern Kentucky.

Its broadcasting studios are in Cincinnati as is the station's broadcasting tower.

On average, WXIX posts two NKY stories per day. Pretty much ignoring the region it was created to cover.

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