Not MainStrasse: Covington KY's popular eatery in Latonia

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Not MainStrasse: Covington KY's popular eatery in Latonia

This is why Latonia's Bard's Burgers & Chili should be proud. It's the number #1 restaurant in Covington in terms of followers on Facebook:

Bard's Burgers, Latonia, 14,074 followers

Some comparisons:
Piper's, MainStrasse, 1257
Otto's, MainStrasse, 3721
Frida 602, MainStrasse, 3932
Bouquet, MainStrasse, 6472

Blinker's, Roebling Point, 3544
Keystone, Roebling Point, 7909

Amerasia, Downtown, 4397

Wabi Sabi, Downtown, 2876
Crepe Cafe, Pike Street, 569

Congratulations to Bard's Burgers and Chili. The top restaurant of all in Covington!

Latonia's Bard's Burgers is the most popular restaurant in Covington KY

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